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    28 April at 11:18 from atlas

    If you seek a winter wardrobe refresh, the enjoyment of rugging up in a new coat can be experienced at a lower cost economically and environmentally by buying vintage...or engaging in the sharing economy through clothing hire (think UBER, AirBNB) can allow you to hire/rent a show-stopping coat for a special night out.

    No more last-minute, regrettable, "I-only-got-to-wear-it-once" purchases. A longer garment life-cycle. Less landfill. Reducing consumption. Buying less - but still getting those new outfit feels.

    The idea was born when a young guest messaged to say that she loved a dress, but couldn't afford it. What's the point of selling people things they can't afford? There's no logic in that. But at the same time, if I don't carve out some money for my business, it won't exist.

    In the spirit of vintage/sustainable fashion, join our fashion library. Hire from a 3,000pc collection of vintage couture & fashion forward vintage styles. Take out a dress (or coat, jumpsuit, accessories, maternitywear, childrenswear etc) from the library at retail price. Bring it back to do a dress exchange at the Fashion Library, 20% of rrp is rental, 80% of rrp is store credit discount towards your next dress.


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